Account Management Customized Around Your Business!

Every company has a very unique chargeback situation. We custom tailor our systems and modules around your company to best help you and your chargeback needs. With our unique system, we are able to save your time and protect your assets, using a unique approach most people don’t think of.

  • We Handle All Communication Between Bank and Merchant Provider
  • Client Management System/CRM Research and Notation
  • Chargeback Recommendations and Implementation
  • Mail, Fax and/or Email Communication and Follow Up
  • Your Very Own Personal Chargeback Advocate Specialist
  • Monthly Helpful Tools and Suggestions Moving Forward
  • Game Plan Set Forth to Prevent Future Chargebacks
  • Monthly Status Report – Know What’s Going On
  • Monthly Consultation, System and Equipment Update Recommendations

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Chargeback Statistics and How it Effects You



Familiarize yourself with this Free downloadable PDF for the most up to date chargeback industry regulations, changes, trends, rules, updates for all major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card to better help you and your chargeback needs.

Understanding Chargebacks and Reasons For Them



Learn how to win chargeback disputes with this helpful free downloadable PDF link and become familiar with the reasons why chargebacks initiate in the first place. Giving you the proper tools to fight back.

Hire Your Own Chargeback Specialist!

Hire your own personal chargeback specialist to handle the entire chargeback process for you from start to finish. Save time and protect your assets.

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