Steps & Procedures Involved When Disputing Chargebacks!

Our company has streamlined dispute procedures for better efficiency. This saves time when fighting both small and large volumes of chargebacks for your company. You have already invested so much of your time and resources, let our team of professionals protect your hard-earned money.

  •  Dispute and Research Chargebacks
  •  Refund Chargebacks, if Applicable
  • Obtain all Legal Documentation
  • Respond to Merchant Provider within Due Date Allocated Per Chargeback
  • Respond via Fax or Certified Mail, depending on Merchant Providers Preference
  • Respond to Pre-Arbitration Case
  • Work With Merchant Provider Directly
  • Monthly Reporting System

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Step by Step Instructions to Resolve a Chargeback Disputes



Are you new to chargebacks and need assistance? Are you not getting the results your looking for? Download this free PDF link for step by step instructions to dispute and resolve your chargebacks by the deadline provided.

Understanding Chargebacks and Reasons For Them



Learn how to win chargeback disputes with this helpful free downloadable PDF link and become familiar with the reasons why chargebacks initiate in the first place. Giving you the proper tools to fight back.

Hire Your Own Chargeback Specialist!

Hire your own personal chargeback specialist to handle the entire chargeback process for you from start to finish. Save time and protect your assets.

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