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We Understand the Importance of Preventing Chargebacks From Happening

Many years ago, banks and merchant providers implemented the chargeback system, to ensure businesses are providing upstanding products and services. With the intention to protect the consumer from faulty or unreliable products or services. However as times have changed so has the consumer. A lot of the time these days, we run into the card holder or consumers that are intentionally purchasing a product or a service with the intent to dispute the charge with their bank, resulting in a chargeback to the business and the card holder getting free products or services. This scenario is becoming more and more of a problem to the business and without protection or recourse to the consumer.

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Step by Step Instructions to Resolve a Chargeback Disputes



Are you new to chargebacks and need assistance? Are you not getting the results your looking for? Download this free PDF link for step by step instructions to dispute and resolve your chargebacks by the deadline provided.

Understanding Chargebacks and Reasons For Them



Learn how to win chargeback disputes with this helpful free downloadable PDF link and become familiar with the reasons why chargebacks initiate in the first place. Giving you the proper tools to fight back.

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Secure Your Very Own Chargeback Specialist

If you want to stop or prevent chargebacks from happening, it is highly advisable for you to hire a chargeback specialist to help you with your chargeback situation. Chargeback specialists have seen and dealt with all types of scenarios and have the expertise to advise you on how to illuminate chargebacks from happening and how to win the chargebacks that do come through your account every month. A good chargeback company will looking into your current company systems and structures and find loop holes that are causing people to get away with chargebacks and will help recommend and modify systems, structures or contracts to help win and prevent chargebacks from even happening in the future.

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Prevent Rolling Reserves

Has Your Merchant Provider Placed a Rolling Reserve to All Future Transactions?

It is very important to keep your merchant account in good standing. Otherwise, you could be prevented from chargeback credit cards, which is super detrimental to a business or they could place a rolling reserve to your account, where they will keep up to 30% of all future transactions processed through your company and hold it for up to 6 months. However if you keep getting chargebacks, you will be consider high risk customer and be placed in the overall merchant service system as high risk, where you will get charged a higher percentage of each transaction and hold up to 30% of all future transactions for 6 month. This is why it is extremely important to either dispute your chargebacks, win chargebacks or prevent chargebacks from happening. Call one of our chargeback professionals for your free business consultation and learn how having a specialist work in your behalf will help you and your businesses future income.