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The number one trusted chargeback management company in the world. Our number one priority is taking care of our customers fraudulent chargebacks and preventing them from happening. With our unique approach, business consultation and years of experience in all industries, we are confident in getting your money back.

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  • Do you have a devastating amount of chargebacks?
  • Do you have a specialists doing your chargebacks for you?
  • Do you find that chargebacks are tedious and time consuming?
  • Are you losing chargebacks that you feel you should be winning?
  • Upset that you lost a chargeback and provided your product/service for free?

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Benefits of having a personal advocate working to eliminate future chargebacks!

Our service takes the tedious research, paperwork, and follow up that is necessary for your company to receive these funds back, out of your hands. At Chargeback Advocates we have an extremely high winning rate due to our attention to detail with your particular company’s products/services, procedures and policies. Information from each of these elements is crucial to winning the chargeback. We dedicate our time to help you recover profits rightfully earned for services and products that your company has already transacted. We take pride in working hard to help your business remain financially stable and free of chargebacks.

Some of Our Services Include the Following
  • Complete review of the customers account and chargeback dispute.
  • Collection of all documentation to assist in a victory for each and every chargeback.
  • Notation of chargeback and reasoning on your customer’s account in your CRM system.
  • Complete the dispute process with your Merchant Provider in the manner that they will keep your account in good standing with them.
  • Follow up on all chargebacks with the Merchant Provider.
  • We will identify probable outcomes for each chargeback dependent on its unique issues, develop a plan of action to proceed. Our dialogue and information exchange will keep you in full control and set your company up for success.
  • Return a hard copy of each chargeback to your company for your records.
  • Monthly reporting on chargebacks processed for your company, details on what was done with the chargeback, and the results of those actions. Ultimately giving you a report with statistics of our success rate for your company.
  • If we notice anything that may be affecting the winning rate on your chargebacks, we will assist you in adjusting this for a higher retention rate.